So you are curious about Before you dive into the inspiration story, I want to personally welcome you to our community and thank you for taking the time exploring 

My name is Arisara Yenjai and I hope you will join me on a journey to deepen our connection to our wonderful world, our spirituality, and ourselves.

I have an indescribable curiosity and love for nature with an intense desire to improve our place in it.  This love and curiosity led me to 2 years of exploring our planet to see and experience firsthand many of the wonders Earth has for us both physically and spiritually.  My brand, was born from experiences which awakened me to the connections we have to the physical and spiritual wonders of our Earth and to each other; enhanced by the benefits of living a holistic lifestyle. 

At we strive to improve our quality of life through nourishing our bodies with the best organic foods to stay healthy and active, nourishing our minds with a continuing quest for knowledge, and nourishing our inner selves to see the world as it is through yoga, meditation, and self-inquiries.

Living a holistic lifestyle ensures that all parts of the self are cared for, naturally creating energy, inner peace, and satisfaction as we navigate through a challenging world. Our obvious contentment with life becomes an inspiring example to others that may be searching for a path to better their own lives.    

My vision for is to promote a community for holistic living and making available an ever-expanding selection of handmade organic, sustainable eco-friendly products. Many of the products were selected from my personal interaction with the artisans. It was wonderful watching  Earth's natural materials skillfully transformed into a cultural art form to be shared with the world. 

I hope in my own small way I will contribute positively to the lives of anyone that joins the community; being ever mindful that even a small positive action can ripple with magnificent effect across the entire universe.

We Love Our World 

Thank you again for stopping by :)