Handmade Tibetan Prayer Wheel Tagua Nut Buddhist Bracelet

Handmade Tibetan Prayer Wheel Tagua Nut Buddhist Bracelet

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  • Handcrafted With Natural White Tagua Nut, Olive Nut, Rudraksha Seed, And White Copper Tibetan Totem By Experienced Buddhist Artisans. You Can Ensure That You're Getting A Piece Of Very Unique Craftmanship Jewelry.
  • Made With High-Quality Flexible Cord That will Fit Beautifully On Your Wrist. 
  • Best Selection Of Natural Tagua Nut Beads. A Symbol Of Strength And Versatility As Its Ability To Be Carved Into A Variety Shapes And Forms.
    Grown On Palm Trees, Tagua Nuts Are Known As "Vegetable Ivory", an Eco- And Animal-Friendly Alternative To Animal Ivory. Believed To Bring Prosperity, Happiness, Love, And Abundance.
  • White Copper Tibetan Prayer Wheel Charm Is Exquisitely Designed For You To Express Your Inspiration In Tibetan Buddism. It's scripted The Six Syllable Mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" all around. By Saying Or Even Viewing This Mantra Is Believed To Invoke The Powerful Attention And Blessings Of The Bodhisattva Of Compassion, Accumulate Merit And Purify Our Delusions.

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